Man says he was attacked, robbed while walking through Whitehaven cemetery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Whitehaven man says he was robbed and attacked while walking through a cemetery on his way home Tuesday night.

"I was spooked. I didn't want to go anywhere," Trent Hill said. "I was coming through the cut. The next thing I know, someone grabbed me."

He says whoever attacked him looked harmless at first.

"Right before I got down the hill, I saw them run out the brushes. I'm didn't think anything of it. I thought it was just some kids," Hill said.

He's not so certain if they were kids or not, but his choice to save time by cutting through New Park Cemetery left him beaten, bruised and knocked out.

"Something hit me. It felt like a liquor bottle. They hit, and then I fell over and blood was everywhere," Hill said.

He says he didn't get a good look at them, because their faces were covered, but he believes it may have been a guy and a girl who robbed him for his watch and all his cash.

"I felt someone going in my pocket. They said, 'What you got? What you got?" Hill said.

When he finally came to, he says he used all his might to get home.

"I had to crawl to the house and knock on the door," Hill said. "I was asking for help."

Hill doesn't know why he was attacked but wants others to watch out. "I don't know if it was gang initiation or what."

He says in time, the bruises will heal but the memory of that night in the cemetery won't soon fade.

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