Live at 9: ‘Penny Mania’, Flower gardening 101 & birth control for men

Memphis loves Penny

Basketball fans all over the country are talking about Memphis now that Penny Hardaway has officially taken over as head coach of the University of Memphis basketball team bring things full circle for the former Tiger standout.

Howard Robertson and Larry Robinson talk about it with us right here on Live at 9.

Flower Gardening 101

We're kicking off spring with a series about gardening in the Mid-South.

Kyle Mclane with the Memphis Botanic Garden is here to help us know when and what flowers to plant around the house.

Watercooler Wednesday

Delete Facebook is trending on Twitter after news that a data firm called Cambridge Analytica was able to collect information on as many as 50 million users to create "targeted" political advertising.

Birth control pills for men? It's closer to becoming a reality, but would people actually use it?

We get our panel's thoughts on that plus one high school's "discriminating prom dress code" in this Watercooler Wednesday.