Family: New ‘clue’ in 1999 missing child case probably a hoax

Courtesy of CBS Newspath

WISCONSIN —Mikelle Biggs was reportedly waiting for the ice cream down the street from her Mesa, Arizona home when she disappeared in 1999. Her bike was toppled over, wheels still spinning, and the money she was going to use to buy a sweet treat was strewn across the ground.

Despite a massive manhunt that was covered by the national media, the case turned cold.

Now, all these years later, authorities said they received what could be a new clue – a lone dollar bill from Wisconsin. In the margins was scribbled, “My name is Mikel Biggs. Kidnapped from Mesa, Arizona. I’m alive.”

“When I first looked at it I thought maybe it could be.”

Mikelle’s sister said she wanted to believe the note was real but pointed out that on closer inspection the missing girl’s name is two letters short.  Kimber said her sister would never have abbreviated or misspelled her name.

Courtesy of CBS Newspath

“Her name was Mikelle and it was spelled that way and that was the only way to say it.”

What at first brought a glimmer of hope, now leaves this sister thinking the whole thing may be a fake. She said the dollar has left her feeling nauseous and shocked.

“Worst case scenario it is a hoax, someone playing a very cruel joke.”

If that’s the case, Kimber says a different feeling now comes to mind.

“Definitely angry. It’s insulting, I’m trying very hard to keep her name out there and I’m trying really hard to put on a brave face.”

But Kimber recognizes there is a silver lining to the entire situation.

“It got some light on her case again, it got some attention, that’s the bright side of it,” she said. “Hopefully it will reach that person that knows something.

Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson told The Washington Post while the name is misspelled they are still investigating.

“That certainly seems odd and it would sway you to believe that it might not be legitimate,” he told the news outlet. “But why would you pick that one, a case that’s nearly 20 years old? It’s somebody who knew something about the case.”