Texas bombings scaring Mid-South residents

SCHERTZ, Texas - - A fifth package has exploded in Texas, and this one hits close to home here in the Mid-South. This time, a package bomb blew up on a conveyor belt at a FedEx ground center outside of San Antonio.

The FBI suspects it's the work of a serial bomber.

Within the last month, four packages have detonated in the Austin area.

Two people have been killed.

In light of what's happened, some people here in the Mid-South are scared.

They worry whoever is behind these bombings will start sending explosive packages to cities all over the country. They also worry a copy-cat bomber will pop up in our area.

Hunter Strole used to be a FedEx package handler in Memphis.

He says he wouldn't want to do that now.

"I'd feel unsafe. I wouldn't, I'd be looking for other work. No job is worth my life," he says.

He says the odds of finding a package bomb are higher for package handlers.

"It's tough. I know how they feel," Strole says.

His grandma, Deborah Tims, is also worried about the problem spreading, particularly because of how big FedEx's Memphis hub is.

"It could happen anywhere," she says.

The first three Texas bombings were parcels left on doorsteps that exploded when moved or open.

"I think about it and if it ain't something I've ordered, I'm not going to mess with it," Tims says.

That's exactly what multiple law enforcement agencies say to do: leave the package, don't touch it, and call the authorities.

"It's scary for everybody," Tims says, "Why is somebody so cruel to hurt somebody else."

She has another grandson who currently works for FedEx. He's not a package handler but she's worried about him nonetheless.