Penny has big plans for the future of Tiger basketball

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MEMPHIS - He was on the job for less than an hour and Penny Hardaway was already lining us his priorities for his first season as Tigers head coach.  Hardaway wants to make sure the U of M keeps the best local town.  "I definitely want to have a fence around the city and get the top talent out of the city."

Hardaway also has high hopes when it comes to future scheduling.  "I want to play the big boys.  I'll be calling Cal(as in Coach Calipari at Kentucky), I'll be calling Michigan State, I'll be calling Duke."

As for those vintage, throwback uniforms worn by Hardaway, back in the day...he wants them to make a return as well.  "I'm definitely going to be on board to bringing back the vintage uniforms.  I'm gonna get it done.  Book it!!"

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