Pass It On: A Horn Lake family receives help

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HORN LAKE, Miss. — In tonight's Pass It On, Tim Simpson helps a Horn Lake, MS family that is dealing with the impact of multiple health issues.

Leslie Chung works for the city of Horn Lake, MS.

She's a creative, hardworking employee who is always wearing a smile and is considered the "go to person" for various events.

I stopped by City Hall and met two of Chung's co-workers.

AJ Linville is the city's Human Resources Director.

"Leslie has been an employee for the last seven years. She is an excellent employee. She always has a can do attitude," Linville said.

But there is some pain behind Chung's smiles.

Her son's cancer has come back. It's reacurring, and her husband has been out of work for almost two two years to do multiple heart issues.

This family has been hit hard and are barely able to pay the bills.

So, let's Pass It On.

There's $300 from News Channel 3 and another $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS.

That's brings the total to $600.

That's not it, Parks and Recreation Director Larry Calvary has one up his sleeve.

"We have an additional $400 from the park staff," Calvary said.

We don't waste any time as we head down the hallway to another conference room.

That's where we find Chung.

"We know that you and your family are having a lot of hardships. We just want you to know how special you are to us, and how important you are as an employee," Linville said.

Liville counts out the cash.

"You always have a smile on your face, and you are such an excellent employee," she said.

Chung is visibly touched.

And what about that extra $400?

Calvary counted out the extra $400, bringing the Pass It On total to $1,000.

"It has been a little stressful recently. It's been a toll on me and my family," Chung said.

Dealing with health issues won't be easy, but we've alleviated at least a little stress for Chung and her family.

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