Consumer News: Bayer’s Alka-Seltzer recall & Toys R Us gift cards

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bayer is recalling some of its Alka-Seltzer because the ingredients on the front sticker may not match what’s inside the box.

The affected products are all Alka-Seltzer Plus tablets. The products included in the recall also include a Bayer logo on the left front corner of the box that has an orange or green background.

They were sold at Walmart, CVS, Walgreen and Kroger.

To get your money back, or ask questions about the recall, contact Bayer at 1-800-986-0369.

For more information, click here.

Toys R Us Gift Cards

As you know by now, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy and will be closing its stores across the country.

The Washington Post reported the closures are expected to happen over time and not all at once. There’s been no word from corporate on when Memphis stores are shutting down, but WREG’s Zaneta Lowe has been told the store near Wolfchase Galleria Mall will be closing in early May.

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Regardless of the date, if you have a gift card from Toys R Us you need to use it soon.

The company announced customers can use Toys R Us gift cards until April 14 — 30 days after their March 15 closure announcement.

If you have a rewards card, points can only be used until Wednesday, March 21.