Tipster speaks out after man is arrested for kidnapping 10-month-old Zoe Jordan

Memphis, Tenn. -- Memphis police say a suspect has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of 10-month-old Zoe Jordan.

18-year-old James Williams has been charged with kidnapping and theft of property $10,000 to $60,000.

On Friday, March 16, Zoe Jordan was taken when her mother's 2016 Honda Civic was stolen from outside of a restaurant in Hickory Hill.

Police say Williams stole the vehicle with baby Jordan still inside.

Memphis Police issued a Citywatch to find her, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also issued an Amber Alert.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said MPD received a tip from a man at 9:36 a.m. Saturday that the stolen vehicle was parked in a neighborhood at Benoit and Cleary Drive.

That tip came from George Nichols.

George Nichols

Nichols says he left home Saturday morning to help his daughter and had no clue that 10-month-old Zoe Jordan's face would stick to him.

"As I turned by Southland Mall the Amber Alert went off, so I looked and said, 'Oh my goodness," Nichols said.

He remembered the license plate and started to keep an eye out for the car.

"So I started looking at all the black Honda's driving down Shelby Drive," he said.

Nichols knew it was a long shot but thinks it was his faith, and not fate, that led him to the right spot.

"I looked at my phone, and I looked at the license plate. It was a match," Nichols said.

To be sure Nichols even made a u-turn on Cleary Drive to double check the plate before calling 911. "I said this is the car."

He says within moments baby Jordan was safe in the arms of a police officer.

"Police cars looked like they dropped out of the sky. They we’re running everywhere," Nichols said.

He says its a true miracle, because the baby may have been in the car for more than nine hours all alone.

"If it had been during the summer with extreme temperatures, the glasses were up the baby could have suffocated," Nichols said.

It's a thought that makes this grandfather uneasy.

"The 10-month-old's diaper wasn't changed. The baby hadn't had a bottle. It's just sad," Nichols said.

Police have arrested and charged 18-year-old James Williams with kidnapping and theft.

Nichols thinks the charges fit the crime.

"When he got in that car he accepted the consequences that come with it. Even if a child may not have been in there, he's still taking something from someone," he said.

Jordan was found safe Saturday morning.

Zoe Jordan was checked out and she appears to be fine.

Now she's at home with her family.

As for Nichols, he doesn't consider himself a hero.

He says he just saw a little girl with an irresistible smile, and God allowed him to help bring her home.