Vehicles collide after wild police chase in Orange Mound

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A  wreck in Orange Mound left three vehicles totaled Thursday, and witnesses say it involved a police chase.

Two SUVs and a pickup collided at the intersection of Park and Semmes.

Witnesses said a police officer was chasing one of the vehicles, and they say it was the driver of the BMW SUV who caused the damage.

"He came through the light. He ran through the light, and he was running from police officers," witness Michael Jackson said.

Jackson was just feet away and says he saw the BMW crash into the other SUV.

The impact sent both vehicles into the truck.

"After that it was a short foot chase to the other block, and then he turned around and the police caught him. But it was a really bad accident," Jackson said.

"When he came through the light I just thought he was trying to beat the light, but you heard the sirens coming after him," he said.

Jackson said an ambulance was quick to arrive.

Those who live in the area are questioning the crash.

"What was he running for?" Jackson asked.

Jackson manages the Metro PCS store on the corner of Park and Semmes.

He says he does what he can for the young people living in the area and wants them to stay out of trouble.

"I just help some of the young guys out. Like they're on Spring Break, so I give them a few bucks to pass out some flyers. It's better then being in trouble and something like that happens," Jackson said.

After the crash, he says he's forced to reconfigure.

"There's some things we have to think about. They go hand out flyers and spin my signs for me. But just to see something like that happen today, now we have to re-evaluate the situation. Just try to get more involved and so something different, because now I can't risk their lives standing on the corner."

We reached out to Memphis Police for information but have not heard back yet.