Mail thieves striking across the Mid-South

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Law enforcement across the Mid-South reports they've had multiple reports of mail theft.

In some cases, thieves swiped it off door steps while some crooks were bold enough to take it from a mailbox.

"I've heard about it going on, but I haven't heard of it from any of my neighbors," said Tammie McCullough. "That doesn't mean it wont be coming this way."

West Memphis Police said mail theft is on the rise near her neighborhood.

"I know there's a lot of crime on that side of Broadway, and I think it's starting to move towards us some more," West Memphis Police said.

WMPD Captain Joe Baker said it's a crime of opportunity.

He said the victims seem to be similar.

"Criminals are targeting a lot of working class people and elderly people," he said.

Baker said however, the thieves seem to vary.

"Some of our neighboring cities have had similar crimes that don't match what ours has. We think there's more than one person doing this," said Baker.

Collierville police said they are also investigating reports of mail theft.

Sources told us the crooks have been bold enough to reach right into the mailbox.

They arrested one woman, but one case remains unsolved.

Memphis police recently battled similar crimes, as well as other agencies in the Mid-South.

U.S. Postal inspectors don't believe anything is fueling these thefts like the tax season.

What is certain: they said it's important to track your mail through your carrier's website or app.

Also, drop off your mail at a post office.

If you're expecting a package and won't be home, let your neighbor know or send it to your work instead.

Police said doorbell cameras are also helpful in deterring and solving mail theft.

Most important, if you don't receive a check or valuable you were expecting, immediately report it to your carrier.

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