Does It Work: The Veggetti Power

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "I forage and I grow a lot of my own stuff. That way we can have good healthy things. Things that haven't been treated with pesticides or herbicides."

Eating clean and healthy is even more important to Richard Simmons and his family.

"Edith is a very special little girl.  She has a metabolic disorder which her body does not process an amino acid that it doesn't need into an amino acid it does need."

That means Edith, in addition to special formula, sticks to a heavy vegetable diet.

Simmons has used the original Veggetti to help him turn zucchini into tasty faux pasta but it can be a long process.

"You can get tired pretty quick trying to grind all those vegetables into noodles or zoodles as people like to call them."

That's why he wanted to test the Veggetti Power, which claims to do the cranking and twisting for you. It's an electric vegetable slicer that comes with four interchangeable blades: thin, thick, ribbon and slicing.

"It's a little bigger thanI expected. I thought it would be more like the size of a food processor. Small round."

We kicked off our test with the thin blade and a zucchini. Simmons placed the thin blade inside the chamber and locked it into place. Then positioned the feeder tube on top and plugged it in.

After washing the zucchini, Simmons trimmed the ends and pressed the Veggetti Power press into one end then placed the other end into the feeding tube. Turned it on and slowly pushed the zucchini into the blade. Within seconds, his zucchini was thinly sliced.

"Much faster than by hand. Much less work too!"

Simmons swapped out the thin blade for the thick one, prepped another zucchini and tried it out again.

"I'm not putting any pressure on it at all. It's just chewing its way through the zucchini."

He also tried the ribbon blade using a squash. The squash was sliced up in seconds all while keeping its ribbon shape. Then finally, the spiral slicing blade.

Completely effortless with very little waste.

Veggetti Power, you passed the Does It Work test.


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