Suspects knock down, nearly run over Hickory Hill man during carjacking

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Hickory Hill man is recovering after he was carjacked in his driveway, knocked down and nearly run over.

Police are now looking for the ruthless criminals.

This carjacking is the latest we've seen in a string of incidents across the city.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in a quiet neighborhood on Clarke Road, not far from Winchester.

"My elbow is bruised. I have a big knot on my hip and my knee has a knot on it. They say I have bruised abdominal muscles in my stomach from getting hit in the stomach by the car," Miller said.

He says he's thankful to have his life after the scary encounter in his carport.

Between 5 and 6 a.m. he came out to his 2005 Chevy Trailblazer to head to work.

That's when he noticed a vehicle at the base of his driveway.

"I left my phone in the house, so I went back in to get my phone from the back of the room," Miller said.

He came back outside.

"I opened my door to get back in and they came behind me and said, 'Back up! Get away from your car!" he said.

"So I backed up, and they slammed it in reverse and sped out the driveway. I ran out in the middle of the street to try and grab the door, and it slung me in front of the car. He hit the gas and knocked me in the streets," he said.

Miller said the person responsible stuck a gun in his back.

He believes young people were the culprits.

Now, he says he's grateful to be alive.

"I got my life, my health and my family. I'm good," he said.

His message to those involved is also positive.

"I hope for the better. I hope they change, so they end up in a better place than in jail or six feet deep," Miller said.

Now he hopes you can keep a look out for his stolen SUV, with Tennessee tags 9F18V2.

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