Pass It On: Helping a woman and her dog

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In tonight's Pass It On segment, Tim Simpson shows you how one woman in need got some help thanks to her dog.

This story begins at the Corner Market and features a dog, her puppies, a local baseball team and a woman who has been struggling to pay the bills.

Let's start at LeMoyne-Owen College where Brian Young is the assistant coach.

"There was a dog that I found right around the corner, and I knew that it needed to be fed," Young said. "I've kind of fallen in love with this dog Tim."

He says one day, the dog led him back to a house that wasn't familiar to him.

"I went and knocked on the door. I met Miss Lilly, Jill's owner," Young said.

That's right, Young followed the dog from the market to her owner's house.

It turns out the dog's name is Jill and her owner is Lilly Riley.

"I came to the realization that she needed some help. I befriended her, and we've gotten really close," he said.

Young says Miss Lilly is on disability and relies on her disability check to pay her bills.

So we stepped in with some Pass It On cash.

We passed on $300 from News Channel 3 and an additional $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS, for a total of $600.

Coach Young and I hit the road for the short trip to Miss Lilly's house.

He recruited some baseball buddies for our Pass It On surprise.

Our four-legged friend Jill is first through the door.

"I've been so inspired by and your friendship, and I just feel blessed to know you," Young said. "I know that things have been a little tough for you lately."

So Coach Young asks Que, one of the softball players, to count out the cash.

"Wow, thank you," Miss Lilly said, with a smile on her face.

"We also wanted to give you another gift for Miss Jill," Coach Young said.

Can you believe it?

A dog is responsible for this friendship.

"Brian came along and he was feeding her. We got to know each other, and he's a blessing to me and Jill," Miss Lilly said.

And Jill's 9 puppies?

"They're all adopted. Praise God," she said.

LeMoyne Owen baseball players helped find home for all of Jill's puppies.

Pass It On cash for Miss Lilly and a bag of dog food for Jill.

Our job is done.

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