MPD: 18-year-old accused of shooting up two southeast Memphis homes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 18-year-old woman is behind bars after allegedly sending bullets flying into not one, but two Southeast Memphis homes Friday morning.

"It shot through this door, and it shot through the bathroom."  Nearly every corner of Alfred Bates' home has a bullet hole in it.

You can even see the bullets that came through the curtains.

Bates was sleeping in his bed with his wife and one of his grandkids when he says the bullets started flying through his windows.

Police say 18-year-old Termeria Harris and two others shot up the Southeast Memphis home.

Bates' granddaughter says right before the shooting, Harris went live on Facebook and threatened to kill her daughter.

Bates says there were three children here, including that baby girl.

"It could have killed those little babies, and they haven't done anything to anyone," he said.

Police say after the shooting, the woman Harris was after and two friends went to a house on Fox Lair about two miles away.

Investigators say that home was also shot up several hours later.

No one was hurt in either shooting, but Harris is now facing 12 counts of attempted first degree murder.

Bates still can't understand why they came to his home.

"I'm 71-years-old. What did I do to these young people?" he asked.

He hasn't had a good night's sleep since, and he is now left to clean up the damage.