Christian Brothers University baseball player to apologize after saying racial slur during game

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Punches flew at a college baseball game after one player yelled a racial slur.

A baseball game between Christian Brothers University and LeMoyne-Owen College turned violent.

CBU says tempers flared when a LeMoyne-Owen College baserunner made excessive contact with a Christian Brothers fielder.

That's when the CBU player called a LeMoyne-Owen College player the "N-Word."

A fight ensued and the CBU player was ejected, along with two from LeMoyne-Owen College.

"I honestly felt offended and a little betrayed," Joliza Ferguson, with CBU's chapter of the Black Student Association, said.

"You never know who it's going to be. You never know who's going to feel that type of way. And then to know that somebody who could have potentially sat with you in class felt that way about you is kind of unsettling," she said.

The association says a four game suspension isn't enough punishment for that CBU player.

Avyon Bess says an athlete should set a better example. "They're supposed to be leaders and held to a higher standard."

Christian Brothers says its player will apologize to LeMoyne-Owen's team.

CBU's Athletic Conference is considering additional punishment, depending on the results of the University's investigation.

The LeMoyne-Owen College freshmen has a suggestion.

"Some kind of community service would be good. Teach him you don't have to turn to racial slurs," Bess said.

CBU says that player and other teammates will go through racial equality training.

The University's athletic director has apologized to LeMoyne-Owen College's head coach.