Police: Man broke into woman’s home and groped her

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Memphis man is facing charges of aggravated burglary and sexually battery after police say he walked into a woman's home Sunday afternoon and groped her.

It  happened in the 600 block of Como Drive in South Memphis.

Relatives said Alvin Redmond got in through an unlocked back door and walked in the victim's bedroom where she was lying on her bed watching TV.

"He came in and that was it. He came in and groped on her, but you know she fought back," said Pam Mayes.

The victim's aunt said her niece yelled to alert other family members who were also in the house, and that's when Redmond took off.

Mayes said she had never seen the man before and it's a lesson to always keep your doors locked.

She said she had no idea what Redmond's intentions were and is just glad her niece wasn't seriously hurt.

"I think she was brave. I'm glad that he didn't do anything else and that he didn't have a weapons," said Mayes.

Police arrested Redmond while he was still in the neighborhood. They say he also exposed himself to officers while he was waiting to be interrogated.

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