Police arrest drug dealers accused of robbing other drug dealers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Four allegedly dangerous men are off the streets and are charged with a number of drug and gun crimes.

Marcus Danner, Quintez Agnew, Shauntario Johnson and John Lot are accused of robbing drug dealers at gunpoint and then selling the drugs they stole.

"These subjects are career and violent offenders with significant prior criminal histories," Michael Dunavant, U.S. Attorney for Western District of Tennessee, said.

Memphis resident John Norris says he doesn't feel bad for the robbery victims.

"Nobody really cares, because it's criminals on criminals," Norris said.

He says he does care about a woman who, prosecutors say, was shot and killed by the suspects while they robbed one set of drug dealers in a home.

"She was taken to soon for something that never had to be done," Norris said.

Federal agencies, Memphis Police, Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies and the multi-agency gang unit investigated the suspects for months.

Prosecutors say the robberies happened in December 2017 and January 2018.

All four men face at least 10 years in federal prison and could get as much as life.

During the investigation drugs, cash and guns were seized.

Prosecutors say one of the guns might be connected to an unsolved carjacking.

"If your'e a violent criminal with a firearm here in Memphis, you will be held accountable. You will be removed from our streets," Dunavant said.

We asked if the drug dealers who were allegedly stolen from would also be investigated, but prosecutors simply told us the investigation is on-going.

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