Dating site meet-up ends with man shot, behind bars

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A dating sight hook-up ended with guns-blaring, but it's not the turn out you'd expect.

"We thought it was actually fireworks or something. Then, about three minutes later, Edward came running to the back door," the suspect's father, John Lesure, said.

Lesure says he was just getting in from church and had his sights set on settling in for the night when the plan changed.

"I opened the door for him, and he came in screaming 'I think I've been shot," he said.

Lesure says his son claimed someone pulled into the driveway on Whispering Elm and just started shooting, hitting him in the groin, chest and leg.

It turns out, that was a lie.

According to police, Edward Lesure was behind the whole plan to rob an unsuspecting victim who agreed to meet up after talking to a teenage girl he met online.

Police say, the girl who was working with Lesure to get the man to come to John Lesure's home.

"Hopefully, if he can make it through this, he will have an eye opening experience. Hopefully it opens his eyes," the suspect's father said.

Police say the teenage girl and Lesure used that dating site to send her picture to entice and invite the victim over.

Once the victim came over, the teenager took $100 from him, and Lesure crept up from the back with a BB gun.

The victim then pulled a real gun and shot, hitting Lesure three times before getting away.

John Lesure says his son came to Memphis to start over after getting in trouble in Illnois some years back.

"It was a felony for attempted robbery. His story was he didn't do that either. All I know is, he did time for it," Lesure said.

The father says he's not giving up on his son.

Just like he had faith that a change of scenery would be good for Lesure, he still believes all is not lost and he can change his lifestyle.

"We can take a lemon and make lemonade," the father said.

For now, Lesure is back behind bars for the crime.

The father says for the last three years, aside from traffic violations, his son managed to stay out of trouble but had a hard time finding work because of his record.

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