Cordova residents concerned after multiple robberies reported in less than a week

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — An uptick in crime in Cordova is leaving shoppers on edge and business owners trying to figure out what they can do to protect customers.

Back-to-back crimes were reported in the last four or five days.

It seems bad guys have been busy hitting popular Cordova spots in broad daylight.

"I thought this was a great area. I didn't expect to have this kind of crime, it's surprising," Cordova business owner, Shao Ma said.

On Thursday night, one victim claims two men came up to his car in the Kroger parking lot on Germantown Parkway.

He says the suspects pointed a gun at him and made him give over $54 in cash that he had on him from waiting tables that night.

"It just blows my mind. Why are people robbing people? Get a job," Ma said.

It seems no one know the cause of the increase in crime, or why they are being targeted.

But some shoppers have their own theories.

"They feel they can take advantage of some people who live out here, I guess," Cordova resident, Reggie Burton said.

Shao Ma owns T-swirl in the same complex where the robbery happened

"Crime is happening right next to us, and its' just so disappointing. I'm a little concerned for employees and my customers," he said.

He says though he just opened about a month ago, he's got plenty of surveillance.

He hopes that'll keep the bad guys from coming his way with the crime.

"We have cameras everywhere, and, personally, I carry a gun.

On Sunday, a Kroger customer on Houston Levee was stabbed by a man who didn't stop at that.

He then walked across the parking lot and caught a woman getting  out of her car at Mcdonalds.

He stabbed her too and then carjacked a couple and led police on a chase.

Ma hopes the crime moves on from Cordova.

"Hopefully this crime will stop and everything will go back to normal," he said.

Police have not released the name of the man who stabbed the two victims,

As soon as he is charged we will update you.

MPD held a press conference at the beginning of the month to address a crime spree in Cordova involving a trio and two other men linked to crimes in the area.

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