Police investigate road rage incident in Southaven

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Southaven Police Department is looking into a road rage incident in Southaven after a social media post is shared hundreds of times.

Waiting in traffic can tick anyone off but one mother turned to Facebook to tell how one split second at a red light left her all shaken up.

A feeling Terri Martinez says she understands as a mother and protector of her children.

"It would be scary though I wouldn't know what to feel," Martinez said.

The mother admits she honked at the car he was riding in because the light was green and the driver wasn't moving, she claims they weren't paying attention.

"That's the problem it’s a lot of teenagers not paying attention they don't have all this responsibility," Martinez said.

She says that's when the car door swung open and he appeared yelling that he'd beat her and kill her.

A lot to process for an expectant mother traveling with a two-year-old in the backseat.

That post was shared more than 700 times and police say they are investigating.

Meanwhile, other drivers can relate to just how quickly some drivers can come unhinged.

"It's a very bad epidemic with this road rage and every driver has to be careful because you don't know how people going to react if you blow at them or even blink your lights at them," Nathanial Thomas, a truck driver, said.

Thomas says he's no stranger to tempers flaring on the open road.

"I see it every day, everyone just seems to have an attitude," Thomas said.

He says his heart goes out to the mother traveling with such precious cargo as a 2-year-old and a little one on the way.

While he's making no excuses for those actions, he says sometimes when sharing the road you never know what's going to happen next.

"Sometimes when they overreact like that sometimes you just have to be calm and let them get their frustration out and they might go home," Thomas said.

Police say no weapons were shown while the threat was made but they are still checking it out.