Man charged with rape in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was charged with the rape and aggravated robbery in Frayser, police say.

Memphis Police arrested 28-year-old Tyrell Webb after he confessed to raping a woman in mid-February.

According to police, the victim was asleep and intoxicated in her home at the 3200 block of Morningside Street when Webb used a key he obtained from a mutual friend to go inside.

It is unclear if Webb and the victim knew each other, but police say Webb entered her room, removed her clothes and had sex with her.

Webb later told the victim’s boyfriend he did have sex with her but that she consented, despite the victim not remembering giving consent, police say.

Law enforcement performed an investigation and received some conflicting accounts – notably, that Webb had lied to a mutual friend who gave him the key to the house after he told her the victim needed the key to let her in because she had locked herself out.