Wynne man accused of trying to lure 14-year-old girl for sex

WYNNE, Ark. — A 24-year-old man accused of preying on a 14-year-old girl ended up in handcuffs Wednesday night after allegedly trying to meet up with her for sex after church.

Agents with the First Judicial District Drug Task Force say Dillon Hodge repeatedly asked the girl for sex, sent her pictures of his privates and a video of him pleasuring himself along the way.

During one reported exchange, investigators say Hodge asked the girl for a picture of her breasts while she was in class and said, "If you were here, I would be making you feel me."

Michael Jones has a niece around 14-years-old.

He says he would lose his mind if a man did something like that to her.

"He should be put in jail for life,  because that's plumb sick asking a girl to do that," Jones said. "I would beat the hell out of him."

Agents say Hodge initially denied the allegations, but eventually admitted to having the sexual conversations with the girl and sending her pictures of his privates.

With spoke with Hodge's grandparents Thursday, but they respectfully told us they did not want to comment on what happened.

Resident Mary Owens has this warning for parents.

"You've got to prepare your children. You've got to warn your children about the predators that are out there preying on young people," Owens said.

In short, make sure you know who your kids are talking to.