Midtown residents on edge after shooting, crash close to home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — You can still see parts of a car all over the ground at Avalon and Forrest, where a car chase and shooting came to an end Wednesday.

Neighbors say children were nearby in the Midtown neighborhood and people were jogging when a car that was being chased came barreling through and crashed.

A Midtown homeowner is trying to get a better idea of the damage done to his house, while other neighbors were getting their first glimpse at the destruction.

"We got off lucky of course. We got off lucky," a neighbor said.

Shannon Dixon, a volunteer for the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was on her way back from a meeting with lawmakers in Nashville about gun violence, when she found out from her husband what happened at her home.

"So it's a little ironic situation, and it really talks about everyday gun violence in Memphis," Dixon said.

Police say Ladarren Easley and a second suspect fired shots at them at Woodlawn and Chelsea in North Memphis.

Ladarren Easley

The officers chased them to Avalon and Forrest where Easley crashed his gray Chevy into a phone pole, a fence and side of the house.

The pair bailed out.

Then neighbors heard gunshots, and one woman even found a gun.

"I looked down and was like, 'Wow there is a gun.' So, I waved down the cops," the woman said.

Officers say they found another gun in Easley's car.

Some neighbors told us they moved to Midtown to get away from this kind of crime.

Dixon says this is proof no one is immune to gun violence.

"We are concerned with everyday gun violence. Ninety-six people a day in America get killed by guns," she said.

Police say Easley told officers he was aiming for another driver and fired shots in several locations, including Woodlawn and Chelsea.

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