Bright Spot: Trey Carter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Trey Carter meets and greets some of the clients who are receiving Forklift training at Olympic Career Training Institute.

It's a logistics and distribution training center that grew out of a father's staffing business.

"We just noticed there was a gap in the skill sets of the contracts we were getting. The real numbers were one out of 10 people had the skill set we needed," Carter said.

Eight years later, O.C.T. is certified by the Department of Labor. The Veterans Affairs Administration and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission as a post secondary school.

Carter, the son of the late Pat Carter, says he learned from the best.

"He would take me to board meeting. He would take me to a meeting and just let me hang out in his office. Back then I didn't have the know how to sit there and take notes, but I did observe," Carter said.

Not only does Carter run a successful business, but he's also committed to helping Memphis and young people in the city thrive.

"Memphis, you can go right now to your own community and look right across the street, and there are opportunities for you. Whether it be in real estate, business or education - it's wide open. So why not be the one to blaze some trails?" Carter asked.

He's on the board of the Memphis Chamber, he's active with the Brooks Museum and he's an avid fan of Memphis sports.

"You should have pride in your community and say, 'What can I do to make it better?" Carter said.

It's that attitude that landed him on the list of the top 35 millennial influencers in the country by the Next Big Thing movement.

"Hopefully, when I get there I will shake enough hands and let them know I'm a cheerleader for Memphis and say 'When are you coming down so I can give you the blue carpet tour?" Carter said.

"The Next Big Thing is a global non-profit that supports and recognized millennials who are change agents.

"One of the things I'm very interested in doing with this award is networking with these other great millennials around the country and letting them know about the good things going on in Memphis," he said.

O.C.T. prepares people for new jobs or helps them move up in jobs they already have.

Carter says, helping people get to the next level is what his work is about.

It's something he says his father would be proud of.

"He told me at a very young age, 'We're the Carters, and our name stands for something." Carter said.

For Trey Carter, that means making Memphis better, because he was here.