Victim chases thief for miles to recover stolen truck

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. – James Ben Gregory spent Monday afternoon working on a makeshift levee to keep the rising off waters away from his stables on North Watkins.

But Monday morning, there was no keeping out one sticky-fingered man after Gregory’s truck.

“He just got in it, went through the gate and tore the gate up and took off,” Gregory said.

Hitched to the truck was a trailer loaded with tools and plywood, Gregory said the thief had gathered from some of his other vehicles.

But the trailer wasn’t exactly road-ready – it only had three tires.

“Two on one side and one on the other side. He probably couldn’t see that one was missing,” Gregory said.

Once Gregory realized what was happening, he said he jumped in one of his other trucks and gave chase.

“He went down here and turn, turn, turn, turn, trying to get away from me,” he said of the thief.

The thief, described as a white or Hispanic man wearing a gray hoodie and yellow gloves, drove about three miles to a dead-end street in Frayser before giving up.

“He jumped in the ditch and started running the woods and bailed out,” Gregory said.

“He didn’t run like he was on fire or nothing,” he added.

Gregory said the man calmly retrieved a bag from the truck, but left behind something else.

“He left all kinds of keys laying on the seat,” Gregory said. “About 20 keys on it.”

It’s a possible clue that Gregory said he’s already handed over to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.