MLGW introduces PrePay service for smart meter customers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Light, Gas and Water is offering a new "pay as you go" option for residential customers in the Bluff City.

"I think it's ambitious and creative, you know, but I would like some more information," a Memphis resident said.

PrePay is being touted as a more flexible payment plan which offers tools like a mobile app that could save you money.

We asked Memphian Anthony Lee what he thinks about MLGW's Prepay Program as he was headed into the utility's payment office Downtown.

"The online payment is convenient, you know. But is it a prepaid account kind of thing? I don't know. I have a whole lot of questions at this point," Lee said.

There are also no deposit fees, late fees or electric reconnect fees.

How does it work?

The service is only available to MLGW with a smart meter. For those who do, you'll have to put $100 into the PrePay account upfront.  That amount will decrease as you continue to use your utilities from day to day.

"If they want service with Light, Gas and Water they have to pay a deposit. With PrePay, you don't have to pay a deposit. If your services get disconnected, you don't have to pay reconnect fee with the PrePay Program," Gale Jones-Carson, Director of Corporate Communications at MLGW, said.

An alert will be sent to you once you reach $35 to alert you that the account is getting low.

Customers then have the option to refill the account with any amount of their choosing.

MLGW said your services will not be cut off as long as you stay above $0.

Andree Louis is a Shelby County court clerk who believes PrePay could make her life a little less hectic.

"I have to get off, run down here and then run back to work as quickly as possible, because I have to be back in court. So paying it online would be very good for me," Louis said.

Of note, customers who take advantage of PrePay will not be allowed to participate in MLGW's AutoPay or Budget billing program. Those with Life Support services will also not be allowed to participate.

Also, residents will not receive a monthly bill with the PrePay service. However, you will receive monthly utility usage information.

Customers who monitor their accounts could reduce how much they use by 10 to 12 percent, MLGW said.

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