Live at 9: Manhood University, The Wienermobile & ‘Resolution Song’

Manhood University 101

It’s time to “man up” Memphis. Ken Moody and Nehemiah Hicks stopped by Live at 9 to talk about Manhood University which is now enrolling students.

Memphis native creates powerful new movie

Faith, family and forgiveness. It all comes together in a powerful new film by Memphis native Antonio James. Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman talk with him about “Resolution Song” on WREG’s Live at 9.

Watercooler Wednesday

Sunday’s Academy Award show hit a record ratings low. WREG’s Todd Demers, Michelle Lewis and Myron Mays discuss why people just aren’t tuning in.

Plus, a new study says women experience more rude behavior in the workplace from other women not men. Why

A father in Virginia recently learned his son got kicked off a school bus for bullying and his response quickly went viral. He made his son run a mile in the rain to school after it happened. He says since then teachers and staff say they haven’t had any trouble out of the student. Is the dad a hero or a bully himself?

And finally, “man”-gagement rings are now a thing. Recently engaged singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has been seen sporting one and he’s not alone. A growing number of men are doing it too.

Is it just another trend or are they on to something?

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Everyone loves a good hot dog, but few actually get to drive one. Meet the professional hotdoggers who travel cross country in The Wienermobile.