Lauderdale Co. deputies rescue family from flood

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. -- A family stranded in flood water is now safe after Lauderdale County deputies rescued them on a boat.

"Started coming up on Wednesday, and then Thursday came up really quick," said Brittany Lendermen. "Water everywhere. In places it's deep, and some it's not."

Deputies found out Lendermen and her family were stranded and running out of food and diapers for their little girl.

The rescue mission quickly grew Wednesday morning. Deputies also grabbed a dog that showed up at Lendermen's home when the water started rising.

"That's just a stray dog, I don`t know who it belongs too. It come up, and we have been feeding it. She`s pregnant!" said Lendermen.

WREG went back out with deputies as they went to check on other homes impacted by the flood. They offered supplies and help.

The water swallowed fields and neighborhoods. Treetops were at eye-level. It was ten feet high and in some places, more than 20.

It crept up to homes on stilts.

Deputies said some families stayed put and are trying to wait out the flood.

Their job is to make sure those families stay safe.

Lendermen says they are staying with family until they can get back home.

Animal control picked up the dog and took her to a local shelter.