Does It Work: The Windows Rav-Magav high window cleaner

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jessica Caldron Vasquez, owner of Cleaning Enterprises, knows just how tough cleaning outside windows can be.

"We need to come with the squeegee and the Windex in the other hand. And you're climbing the ladder and then sometimes it's really high and tall so, my biggest fear is falling down."

That's why she's the perfect person to test the Windows Rav-Magav high windows cleaner, a product with a telescope handle that does all the reaching for you. It comes with a washable microfiber cloth and doubles as a washer and squeegee.

Caldron Vasquez  enlisted Becky Rivera, one of her supervisors, to help us with the test. It was pretty easy to assemble.

"Strong. ...Yes. Good quality."

It claimed to extend to five feet so, of course, we measured it. It actually extended to five feet four inches.

Becky grabbed a bottle of glass cleaner and sprayed it on the center window pane. With the Rav-Magav fully extended and using the microfiber scrubber, she started washing the window. She then flipped it over to use the squeegee side.

"It's not heavy. It's comfortable and easy to use."

Rivera was able to clean the window pane in three long swipes then use the squeegeee side to clean any glass cleaner that trickeled down. No ladder needed.

It was able to reach up high and was able to get into the corners too.

It also picked up a good bit of dirt too.

Windows Rav-Magav you passed the Does It Work test.