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Could Memphis be ready to replace Tubby with Penny?

MEMPHIS — According to Gary Parrish of, the University of Memphis is seriously considering firing Tubby Smith and replacing him with Penny Hardaway.

Hardaway has reportedly started eyeing possible future staff members and, according to Parrish, one name on his wish list is Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown.

As East’s coach and founder of AAU powerhouse Team Penny, Hardaway has a pipeline to elite talent as he leads the Mustangs toward a possible three-peat at next week’s state tournament. Hardaway would also give the Tiger program something it doesn’t currently have – hope.

Attendance and donations are way down under Smith, who is just in the second year of a five-year deal. That means the U of M would have to pay Tubby almost $10 million to go away.

Smith and the Tigers open AAC Tournament play Thursday in Orlando against South Florida.