Blog says Brooklyn barbecue ‘Taking Over the World.’ No, says world

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Austin — and Brooklyn?

Don’t look for the New York City borough to be added to the list of barbecue capitals anytime soon, at least according to social media. And people who eat barbecue.

A post from the Vice media-associated Munchies blog posited that a growing number of barbecue restaurants in Brooklyn constituted a trend, if not a regional style. The article is almost four years old but, because the Internet is quirky, people just started noticing it.

“Brooklyn BBQ is more stylish, more loose,” one chef told Munchies.

This weekend, the Internet chimed in. With almost 10,000 replies by Monday afternoon, plenty of locals from the Barbecue Belt let Munchies know that this is not a photo of barbecue:

Sad! One of the first responses came from the Memphis Grizzlies:

Even New Yorkers laughed at the comparison:

But, Brooklyn barbecue did have a few defenders: