2,600 drivers issued speeding tickets in Rhode Island after new cameras are installed

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PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island — It was a very busy day in municipal court in Providence, Rhode Island Monday.

More than 2,600 speeding tickets were on the docket.

It comes after the controversial installation of speed cameras in the city.

The cameras generated 12,000 tickets in the first 33 days that they were used.

Hundreds of people showed up very early at Municipal Court in Providence to challenge their speed zone ticket, or in the case of Otis Jackson, tickets.

“I was looking for leniency today. I told the judge I was guilty, and he just told me to pay my four tickets,” Jackson said.

Others fared much better.

Judge Frank Caprio threw out any case that had a technical issue, and there were plenty.

Plus, the violation does not affect insurance or driving records – which made the pain of paying a little easier.

Especially when, Providence resident, Michael Perry says he thinks about the reason for the cameras.

“If it’s a school zone violation I’m okay with paying it,” Perry said.

Still, at least a few say they still have a reason to fight.

Just ask Curtis Taylor.

“In city limits it was 30 miles an hour, and I was doing 31. Uh, come on now people,” Taylor said.

Taylor says a $95 ticket for driving one mile per hour over the speed limit is extreme. So he’s pleading not guilty, even if he may still have to pay the consequences.

“That’s why I’m going to try to fight this $95 twice. Not once, but twice. You know, If I have to pay it then put me on a payment plan,” he said.

Five speeding cameras are currently in place in Providence.

The city is installing six more this week.

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