Quitman County residents race to fill sandbags to protect homes, businesses

MARKS, Miss.-- The rain has passed, but a community is racing to stop flooding.

The threat for flooding is far from over as water swallows fields and seeps into homes.

One of the areas affected is Quitman County.

As you enter the small community of Marks, a rest area is underwater, picnic tables submerged in several feet of water.

As you drive through the county you see water, everywhere, spilling into farmland, surging into houses.

WREG shot aerial footage that shows just how much and for how far.

"They’re still sayin it’s supposed to come up so we really don’t know," said Jordan Aldridge.

Aldridge was one of many in Quitman County spending his day stacking sandbags around homes and businesses.

"We all try to pitch in to help who we can," he explained.

A few miles down the road at the Goodwill Worship Center volunteers fill sandbags.

This community started preparing for the possibility of flooding a week ago.

"Two years ago when we flooded in this area we had several families in our community, in our church that lost everything and right now we’re just trying to do every effort we can to keep that from taking place," said the church's pastor, Anthony Dean.

Pastor Dean has been making his rounds, trying to help people save their homes. He says they’re in a tough spot.

Plenty of bodies of water flow into the area.

"Coldwater, Bobo, and then everything north of us the rain that is taking place of course in Memphis and Southaven and such their water runs this way, and of course it goes south of us but we’re a low spot so it holds here," he explained.

Fields transformed into lakes, many roads nearly impassable, Pastor Dean plans to keep working.

"We gotta have faith and we gotta put some work behind it.”

They expect the water to continue to rise for the next few days, but the community is closely monitoring.