Live at 9: Spring Break planning, last minute cruisers & Vintage 901 Fest

Spring Break Planner: Volunteer your time
Not everyone will or can go on vacation this year, so if you are staying in town there are still really good opportunities to do some good while having fun.

Sarah Petschonek with Volunteer Odyssey and Andrewa Hill with Volunteer Memphis talks about upcoming events you can sign up for today.

Preparing students for ‘the real world’

A surprising new study out of Harvard predicts that in just two years only a third of jobs will require a bachelor’s degree.
Some schools, like those in Collierville, are already picking up on the trend.

Collierville Superintendent John Aitken talks about the new program that aims to better prepare students for the “real world” where traditional college may be losing a little of its luster.

Spring Break Planner: Last minute cruise deals

Spring Break is just two or three weeks away for most of us here in the Mid-South, but don’t worry it’s not too late to plan something fun for your family that’s still in budget.

Travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore joins us from the Disney Dream cruise ship down in the Bahamas.

Vintage 901 Fest

Vintage 901 Fest is a three-day celebration of the wine, food and music that makes Memphis special. But it’s more than just a fancy brunch or dinner. In fact, there’s a very special purpose of the Vintage 901 Fest and that it to bring us all together.

Chef Jimmy Gentry of Paradox Catering talks about the festival and shows us an example of what we can sample on Live at 9.