Family wants answers after police say pregnant woman is run over by friend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jasmine Campbell's life will never be the same. Her uncle Mario Denton is devastated.

"It just really eating the family up," Denton says.

Police say the 22-year-old and her friend were arguing about money as they drove to Krystal's at Lamar and Knight Arnold with Campbell at the wheel.

Investigators say Campbell got out of the car after they pulled into the parking lot.

That's when, police say, Campbell's friend got in the driver's seat, drove around the building and ran her over before leaving the scene.

Denton says the mother of two lost the baby she was carrying.

"Like they say, money the root of all evil," he said. "It really just shocked the family at the moment right now."

He says her jaw and both of her knees were broken, and she'll never walk with her young son and daughter again.

"I know her mom is going to want to take her and the kids out. You know, to do a lot of activities with her and the kids," he said. "But now, she'll never have that back again, because this young lady took it from her."

Denton says he's eager to see Campbell's friend arrested.

"It wasn't an accident. You literally hit her with a car," he said.

He says he won't rest until it happens, even if he has to go down to the Memphis Police Department and protest.

"We're going to get justice," he said.

Police are still investigating the case, we'll keep you updated with any developments.