Bartlett teen fighting for his life after coming down with the flu

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — A Mid-South teenager is on life support after coming down with the flu.

The virus quickly turned to pneumonia, and now he's on a breathing machine fighting for life.

"Caleb is critically ill. He's been here for two weeks, and he's on life support," Caleb Davis' father, Curt Davis, said.

Even as the breathing machine pumps, the family of Caleb Davis believes there's a testimony in the works.

One that speaks to the strength of his heart and power of prayer.

"We've got church members from all over the world praying for him," Davis said.

Curt Davis says social media has been the chain in faith that Caleb will pull through.

"Obviously, he's teaching us patience and endurance like what he has," he said.

Like the well known scripture in Ecclesiastes, the Davis family believes the race isn't given to the swift.  But they can't quite wrap their heads around just how quickly things escalated beyond a flu diagnosis.

"He came home Monday night, Feb. 12, saying he didn't feel well. Tuesday, he said he wasn't going to be able to go to school. My wife took him to the doctor, and they diagnosed him with the flu," Davis said.

The father says they tried Tamiflu for two days then took him to the emergency room, because he wasn't getting better.

"They immediately realized he was going into septic shock, and they worked to keep his life sustained long enough for the ambulance to get there," he said.

"We, literally, have a situation where about 48 hours after he said he first felt sick he was on life support," the father said.

With every post of support and prayer of comfort, the family finds peace in the unity Caleb's fight has brought to light.

"We've received hundreds of cards and hundreds of posts," he said.

This family says with so many heads bowed in prayer for Caleb, a miracle has to be on the way.

"People need to realize how precious life is and to hug their babies every chance they get.

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