Tenant says she hasn’t had hot water in Frayser apartment for nearly 4 months

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tenants at the Corning Village Apartments in Frayser say not having hot water takes a toll on you.

"It's stressful, frustrating and depressing," a tenant said.

This woman we’re calling “Jane” says she’s going on almost four months without having hot water in her unit.

And that’s just one of the problems she’s come across.

"Sometimes you get up and the water will be off. There's no notice or anything," she said.

We first started looking into the complex when the majority of renters said they’d been without hot water since October.

On Monday, the property managers told us all units now have hot water.

They said they’ve brought in two new boiling tanks to the complex, but Jane says that’s not true.

She says the last time she checked her water was cold.

Her neighbors also said their water is still cold, or at least luke warm.

It's causing them to have to boil their water to take a bath.

"If somebody has hot water, them make sure all of your tenants have hot water. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Just make sure everyone as some," she said.

Some tenants said they were told their best chance to get hot water is from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., but that doesn't work with everyone's schedule.

HUD says they visited the site recently to do an inspection. We're waiting to hear the results on that.

"Act like you care about your tenants. Act like you love your job and you're not just doing it for the check," Jane said.

Some renters did say problems within their apartments, like mold or leaks, are now getting responded to quicker.

Representatives from Shelby County Environmental Court say Corning Village was on the docket last Friday, but their case was dismissed since they're now up to compliance.

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