Power Center Academy students concerned for their safety after a student is attacked during dismissal

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Safety is a major concern for students at Power Center Academy High School.

Memphis Police say several people assaulted a student shortly after dismissal Friday.

Students attempted to protest Monday by walking out of class, but the protest didn't get very far.

Students say teachers did not allow them to leave the building.

Once they were dismissed, several students told us they're frustrated because they don't feel safe in school or during dismissal. They want something done.

Taya Aldridge, an 11th grade student at Power Center Academy, describes those frightening moments when several non-students attacked another 11th grade student.

"Friday, a young man got jumped by the Family Dollar, and our security guards just sat there and watched. They didn't do anything," said Aldridge. "It was like six students that came up from Woodale High School. They jumped him, and they did nothing about it."

Both Aldridge and Justin Gregory tell WREG, they never feel safe in their school, which is located in a large shopping plaza off Mendenhall and Winchester Road.

"They let people walk in our school, and we don't know who they are. Our safety is in danger at our school," said Aldridge.

"I just want to come to school and not worry about if somebody is going to come and shoot up the school or anything. I just want to get my education," said Gregory.

They're  concerned about safety in the morning and afternoon.

"We have to walk in groups so nothing happens to us," said Aldridge.

Now students say, they just want their voices heard.

"I understand we're in mall, I just feel like it should be more secure," said Aldridge. "People shouldn't be able to come up here and we just get jumped, that's not fair."

"We come to school to try to learn, and you just sit here and let us get jumped," said Aldridge.

They're hoping after Friday's incident, the school will increase security.

"I just want a better environment for our school and not to be concerned for our safety. Like what's gone happen when we get out of school? I just want to be safe at school," said Aldridge.

In a statement, Gestalt Community Schools said:

Ensuring the safety of both our scholars and teachers remains a top priority for Gestalt Community Schools. We are aware of the recent incident that took place at our high school and are actively working to ensure that our security measures - including processes and procedures before, during and after school hours - are highly efficient.

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