Carjacking reported near South Main

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At the start of a busy trolley night on South Main Friday night, Memphis Police say a woman was carjacked after she parked around the corner on G.E. Patterson near Front Street.

The victim told police a man in a dark hoodie pointed a gun at her and told her to open her door, and, as she was running away, he tried to push her back inside her vehicle.

Police say the suspect jumped in and drove off. The woman wasn’t hurt.

“That’s extra scary. I don’t know what their intentions were,” a resident said.

People who work along South Main say it’s scary, because they park in the very same area.

“I just parked over there right now,” the resident said. “South Main fills up, so everyone tries to park on G.E. Patterson.”

According to a post on a neighborhood site online, after the woman was carjacked on G.E. Patterson she ran to Ernistine and Hazel’s on South Main for help.

The owner of a business nearby says his surveillance cameras captured video of the carjacking and that there may have been as many as four people involved.

“It’s kind of eerie,” he said.

People who live in the South Main District say they will definitely be more aware of their surroundings.

Others in the area say you can never assume you’re safe anywhere in the city.

Call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH if you have any information.