Ole Miss investigates an alleged sexual assault at student housing

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OXFORD, Miss.—Campus police at Ole Miss are investigating an alleged sexual assault, reportedly occurring in one of the university's student housing units.

Ole Miss student Jessie Norris lives in residential hall-3. Where campus police say an alleged sexual assault happened around 3:30 Friday morning.

"I'm definitely going to be more careful especially at night when there's not many people around," Norris said.

Police issued an alert through text message and social media two hours later, letting students and staff know about the alleged assault and that a suspect had been identified.

"We don't feel there's an imminent danger to anyone else in our community," Assistant Chief Ray Hawkins said. "But as with all incidents of assault, our police department takes these reports seriously and we investigate them to the fullest."

Hawkins would not identify the suspect or confirm if the suspect is in custody or still at large.

He did say the suspect appears to have known the victim but wouldn't say how the suspect gained access to residential hall-3.

Norris says there are security procedures in place.

"The only way you can get in is to scan your card. And there's always somebody at the front desk making sure you live there," Norris said.

This Ole Miss freshman got the alert that was sent out on his phone and is glad to know campus police were on top of the situation.

"They always make sure to tell us police investigating it, they're going to handle it. Of course, you hate to see that stuff happening. "

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