Residents prepare for more rain as flooding hits the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Wednesday's rain left its mark.

There's a lot of water.

And portions of the Mid-South are under it, including parts of the Wolf River Greenway trail in Germantown and Memphis.

Carson Ghrigsby was hoping to walk through part of the Memphis portion Thursday afternoon.

"I wasn't expecting it," He said. "I guess I'm not walking."

He didn't think it would flood like it did.

"It did this a couple of years ago, and it's actually not as severe as it was then. But, you know, I'm just surprised," Ghrisgsby said.

Janet Lawson usually walks on her lunch break, but not today.

"I had no idea it would do that. I had no idea," she said.

On the plus side, there was plenty of parking, so she decided to sit and relax.

"It's fun to take a break from walking," Lawson added.

In Memphis, city crews have been all over town unclogging storm drains.

That includes the underpass at Southern and Josephine, which was flooded this morning.

Because of that issue and others, the city is asking people to clear debris from the gutters in front of their homes so it doesn't end up clogging drains.

As for Ghrigsby, his commute wasn't a problem. "Some of the spots I know about I avoid, because I know if we have a lot of rain to avoid certain spots," he said.