Residents prepare for heavy rain, flood watches in the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With all of this rain, people across Memphis are getting ready for street flooding. While city crews try to prevent as much as they can.

Memphians know when it rains like this it's only a matter of time before it starts flooding really bad.

Phillip Adams has had his share of problems in the past.

"I've experienced my car getting to the point where I can't really get out of a flood, and I've had to get pulled out of it multiple times," Adams said.

He says avoiding dangerously high waters is hard enough in the daytime.

"So at night, that's when you really need to take precaution. In the daytime, you can kind of see it before you hit it, but at night you can't see it," he said.

Then there is all of the potholes that are hidden by high water.

"That's what I'm saying. You have got to go slow, because there are so many of them Downtown. You really have to take precaution.

In response to the rain, city crews are out inspecting and clearing storm drains just like the one on Danny Thomas Boulevard near Crump.

At the moment, it is partially blocked by a trash bag.

Memphis Resident, Ben Rhodes worries about hydroplaning. It's happened to him before.

"Just make sure to just take it slow. Don't be out here speeding, because the roads are already slippery," Rhodes said.

We talked to him just as the rain started to pick up Wednesday morning.

He told us he already had enough.

"I'm going to get me something to eat and go inside and stay inside until Thursday or Friday," laughed Rhodes.

It's something many of us would like to do, if only we could.

If your street starts to flood, the city asks you call (901)357-0100.