Neighbors in North Memphis want giant eyesore gone

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A pile of junk stacked several feet high fills an abandoned lot in North Memphis.

Neighbors said it's an eyesore they want gone.

"It's making our area look tacky. Sure is," said, resident, Maggie Johnson.

Johnson said she's tired of the pile of debris she sees every time she looks out her window.

"It's been there quite a while," said Johnson.

If you take a closer look, you'll see the house crumbled. Roofing material and wood is stacked high.

There's old clothing, tires, garbage, empty liquor bottles and old Halloween decorations that fill the property.

Neighbors said it's attracting rats and other critters.

"It's been that way for a couple months, I would say," said Jasper Clear.

Clear lives next door. He said a few months ago the house caught fire, and it's sat empty ever since.

"They sent a crew out here to tear the house down, but they didn't clean it up," he said.

Here's what WREG found out about the property.

In October 2017, the city's code enforcement deemed the house dangerous and demanded the owner tear it down within 14 days.

It's unclear if the owner actually did that or if city crews were forced to.

Either way, the mayor's office said it's aware of the blight and is now investigating.

Johnson said she doesn't want to play the blame game. She just wants it gone.

"I don't even know who it belongs to! Sure don't. All i know, it's an eyesore!" said Johnson.

The city said it will continue to get to the bottom of it, and should have some more answers Thursday.