Flooding in Southeast Memphis is making it dangerous for drivers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Constant rain, wet and slippery roads and large puddles of water are a dangerous combination for drivers.

"It's pretty bad. I didn't go to bible study tonight because of the weather," resident, Mary Taylor said.

Several neighbors say every time it rains it floods on Winchester between Mendenhall and Clearbrook.

"There's a lot of flooding, a lot of flooding. I did a little research on it, and I found out the sewers have so much debris in them. They're not cleaning out those sewers," resident, Clifton Rhodes Sr. said. "I've been out here for 15 years, and that's what it will constantly do if we have a heavy rain."

Felicia Binghem tells me with more rain on the way, she's worried about "safety, because there are a lot of children that walk to school in the morning. There's lots of travel going on right there and this general area period."

There's nothing worse than trying to doge pot holes as the water level rises.

"A lot of pot holes can't be seen with all the flooding, so it's a lot of tires and cars on the side of the road. Earlier today, it was a lot of wrecks," resident Taruars Board said.

The best advice is to slow down and stay alert.

"Stay at home as much as they can and stay out the street, because people really can't drive in Memphis," Taylor said.

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