3-year-old found near busy road after walking out of Southaven daycare

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Southaven police confirm the Mississippi Department of Human Services is investigating after a 3-year-old boy walked out of daycare Wednesday morning.

Vanessa Williams said her son, Colton, was found wandering near a pond along Stateline Road by two women around 12:30 p.m.

She said he had just begun his first day at Campus Kids Academy hours prior.

"He probably would have went to the pond and because it was wet, he probably would have drowned in there. Or a semi truck would have slammed him down and killed him like a dog on the side of the road," said Williams.

Williams said she believes her son was able to leave the daycare through a hole in the fence. She's questioning why it took daycare staff so long to realize he was missing.

"They had even mentioned that he had went to the door several times," she said.

Employees at the daycare refused to answer any of WREG's questions and demanded our crew leave the premises.

Records with the Department of Human Services show Campus Kids passed its three most recent inspections, including one February 14. But that's little comfort to Williams.

"Those doors are not watched and not safe," she said.

Colton's first day at daycare will also be his last, his mother confirmed.

"My kids will never go back there because I don’t feel like they’re safe. I don’t feel like anybody else’s children are safe there," she said.