Marion residents look for solutions after string of home break-ins

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MARION, Ark. — After a rash of burglaries for months in Marion, police called a community meeting Tuesday night, hoping residents can help them figure out who's behind these crimes.

Police say multiple people are involved and they believe juveniles are the culprits. They say 90 percent of the burglaries are happening during the day and they believe most crooks are casing the house or even boldly knocking on the door to see if someone is home first.

During a packed meeting at the county courthouse, a shocking number raised their hands to show their houses were broken into in Marion.

"They came through the backyard," said Jason Goodbar, who lives in Old Marion.

Police say 25-30 homes have been burglarized in the past five months.

"They ransacked my bedroom and they flipped the mattress in my son's room," said Goodbar.

Police say crooks are getting in through a back door or back window and they're going after guns, jewelry, electronics and money.

"They took two handguns and two rings that were just heirlooms," said Goodbar. "My dad had that ring made and gave it to me when I was a young kid and one day I was hoping to be able to pass that down to my son."

Investigator Freddy Williams suggested getting an alarm system, starting a neighborhood watch or being a block captain where that person would correspond with police daily.

"Connecting the dots is what we're trying to do, it takes the community's input because we can't be everywhere at once," said Williams Marion Police Detective Lieutenant. "So with the communities eyes and ears for us, they can let us know about things that don't fit."

Williams said the streets hit the hardest are Middlebrooke, Shiloh, Elk, Forrest and Cherry.

"I'm in the process of securing an alarm system and I'm going to secure that window so that nobody can open it back up again," said Goodbar.

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