A Pass It On double play helps two with transportation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — What if you had car issues and you couldn't get to work? Or what if some neighborhood thugs decided your car didn't need a windshield after all.

In tonight's Pass It On plus, Tim Simpson highlights two kind co-workers who are out to make a difference.

New construction is underway at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, but just down the street at this medical building an old friendship is stronger than ever. Meet our playmaker Chris Richards.

He's out to help James Johnson, a security guard at the building where they work.

"I met him about a year and a half ago and I gave him a Bible. I just wanted to be an encouragement to him. And shortly after that we discovered that my wife had cancer. And that's when the roles flipped flopped and James started encouraging me," Richards said.

About that time Chris began to notice something.

"I began to notice that he gets here about two hours early, sometime three hours early. Wow! Before he has to be here."

Turns out the transmission on James's truck had gone out.

"So the ride brings him and he takes the bus home at night."

But James has more than transportation issues.

"Shortly after that we discovered that he was also sick. But he's finished his treatments and is doing well."

Sounds like Chris's friend James Johnson could use some Pass It On cash.

"For the last year and a half you have been such a huge encouragement to me," Richards said, "and I just wanted to bless your hear because the lord has chosen to bless you today. I've got 600 dollars from News Channel 3 and we're going to pass it along to you today so you can get your truck fixed."

Bboth of these men have walked through the dark valley of cancer but their friendship is stronger today because of those challenges. James needs to replace his transmission and our pass it on money will help.

But wait, like the commercial says, there's more!

An anonymous donor has given us $400 so we head to Ford Road Elementary School.

Mr. Hancock is the school's custodian. He's a hard worker. But he could use some help due to some vandalism.

Charmaine Wooten is our playmaker.

"He worked kind of late one night and some neighborhood kids came by and jumped on top of his car and kicked his windshield in. I'd just kind of like to help him."

Moments later Charmaine is explaining why we're here.

"We all heard about your windshield and how the kids jumped up there and kicked it in," she said, "so hold your hand out. One, two, three, four. Thank y'all so much. That will pay for a new windshield."

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