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Two men arrested after breaking into neighbors’ homes

MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Tonight two burglars are off the streets and arrested for stealing from homes in their own neighborhood.

Memphis Police say, Don Eddings, 18,  and Shavegas Matlock, 20,  broke into a house yesterday morning in the 2600 block of Margot Street. The homeowner says they stole two TVs and about a thousand dollars.

A woman who lives in the same block tells police the two men stole a TV from her house earlier this month as well. She told police she had video footage of them casing the neighborhood.

Investigators reviewed the footage and confirmed that the two suspects were indeed Eddings and Matlock.

Eddings was charged with two counts of aggravated burglary. Matlock was charged with burglary, domestic assault and violation of probation.

Police are still investigating the incidents.