Memphis man praising officer after traffic stop video goes viral

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A traffic stop video goes viral after a Memphis man is praising a police officer for his approach and the way he handled the stop even though he didn't cut him any slack.

Nigel James says he got stopped by different police officers twice in 20 minutes and even though he got a ticket the second time he didn't mind because of how the officer treated him.

It's almost become the expectation that when someone pulls out a cell phone to record a traffic stop things are going to take a turn for the worse.

The world watched as Philando Castile was shot by an officer in Minnesota while his girlfriend was filming with her phone.

"We got some messed up police officers out there but we have some cool ones too," James said.

James pulled out his phone in East Memphis but captured something much different. He says he ran into an officer who was stern in giving him a ticket but didn't degrade him in the process.

He posted the encounter on Facebook and within hours the interaction went viral.

"They were like you are viral on Twitter. I look on instagram, viral. Facebook, viral. I am like dang I didn't expect all of that," James said. "3,000 shares."

James said he's used to officers giving him trouble, as a matter of fact, just before the uplifting encounter he had a disheartening one.

"They got us in handcuffs on the ground, one police officer yanked me out of the car and everything," James said.

He says just moments before different officers suspected his car was stolen and reacted aggressively. When the second officer walked up less than an hour later he was pleasantly surprised at how differently things turned out. He says it's a ticket he doesn't mind paying.

James says he also posted the video because he wanted to warn people that police are not playing in East Memphis using himself as the example.

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