Accused hoarder speaks out after MAS took 19 dogs from her South Memphis home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An accused hoarder speaks out after Memphis Animal Shelter took 19 dogs from her South Memphis home.

The woman is facing animal cruelty charges. MAS says they did not want to take the dogs but when it comes down to it, removing them to investigate was the best thing to do.

The woman doesn’t want to be identified but claims MAS took the dogs while she was in the hospital dealing with health issues. She says she was heartbroken when she returned home to find her dogs or babies as she calls them gone.

The woman says the dogs weren’t being abused and since she operates a rescue mission some of them didn’t even belong to her.

The woman told WREG that some of them she was fostering, others she was just watching for someone who was going to come pick them up.

The woman will face a judge on Wednesday. For now, MAS is working with her to try to keep the dogs comfortable in the meantime.